Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reflection on the Amazing Race

1) I understand that expanding our learning networks means that we can learn things from all areas.
2) This value is important so that we can observe our surroundings while thinking about the things that we can improve in the future and in SST, we can try to give ideas and improve it to make the dream real when we grow up.

Reflection on the team building challenge

Answers for questions:

1) I understand that forging excellence means to work with our utmost full potential.
2) My strength is that I focus on the outcome and I do my work to the best of my ability.
3) In order to excel, I should be responsible of my actions and do the right thing.
4) I can contribute some of my time to help the other of my classmates so that when I am in need, they would help me in return.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blogging put to school use

I feel that that it is useful to blog so that we could share our work with others so that people could comment on it so that we could improve our work further. In my primary school days, my teacher also told my class to do some work by blogging and I could see what my other friends did and that's when I found out the usefulness of blogging for school work. Another example is when the class was doing a project and we could blog instead of sending each other e-mails all the time.

SST letter

I was relieved when I got the letter that I had a confirmed offer to SST. The DSA test was quite a challenge and I barely made it through. I was also worried that my parents would also worry about me not getting into SST. I chose this picture as it shows how I felt when I went to take a rest after getting my PSLE results. I was happy but my face didn't show it.